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Inclement Weather Policy

Our office team monitors the weather forecast in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Milton and pays particular attention to severe weather conditions such as predictions of heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, including freezing rain – conditions which make driving hazardous.

If Facilities Are Closed

If our facility is ever closed due to severe weather, it is a decision made in consideration of the safety of our staff and the families that we serve. In this instance, if our facility is closed due to inclement weather, our instructors will be informed first – at the earliest possible point in the day – and they will notify any impacted parents and guardians of the closure. In this instance, those sessions will be made up.

If Your Instructor Can't Come In

If your respective instructor determines that he/she is unable to come to the office due to the weather conditions on a given day, those sessions will be made up. You will hear from your instructor directly. Make up sessions due to inclement weather are scheduled at a time of your instructor’s choosing, in collaboration with you, as the parent or guardian.

If You Are Unable to Come In

If you, as a parent or guardian decide that you are unable to bring your student to the center for their respective program session we certainly respect your decision and it is entirely your choice, however, those sessions will not be reimbursed and will not be treated as part of the designated “make-up” sessions.

Parents are provided with make-up sessions according to each of our Program’s policies.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with our practices as we enter the winter season. We know it is not a perfect system as weather in southern Ontario can be unpredictable but we endeavor to keep safety at the utmost of importance while also ensuring that students miss as few program sessions as possible.

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