Psych-Ed Resources

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PracticeCostWait times
Artemis Assessment & Treatment Centre (4+)
Psych-ed: $2400
ADHD: $1800
Coaching: $120/hour virtual, 16+
*Assessments: in person 1-day
1 month waitlist (currently)
Bayridge Counselling Centres
100-200 per hour, unless you have insurance (not OHIP)Psych-ed 1 year waitlist
Brookside Therapy
Psych-ed: $2800-$3200
Psychological: $2250
Neuropsychological: $4050
ADHD: $1350
Giftedness: $1237
ASD: $2362
3-4 month wait list
Burlington Psychological Services (BPCS)
Cost varies for different professionals.Varies.
Canoe Therapy
$3000-$4000 range2-6 month waitlist
CASE Psychology
Child & Family Pathways
No assessments, but offers therapy + parenting coaching. Free initial consult, $115 per hour-sessionAvailable
Dr. Michelle Sala and Associates
Psych-ed: $2520-3150
$210 per hour
Waitlist 4-6 weeks
French: 3 months
Chisholm Assessment Centre
Private school in Oakville that also offers counselling and psych-ed assessments.
Dr. Dalton & Associates
B & C Health
Dr. Erin Warriner
Dr. Susan Henriques-DeCotiis
Full psych-ed fee $2640.
Treatment rate $200 per hour. services are covered by benefits.
A few weeks
Pam Struiksma
Halton Psychologists
Hamilton Psychological Services
Hummingbird Child Psychology
Assessment rates also vary depending upon the referral question, but generally start at the 3,000 mark.My waitlist varies depending upon the time of year, but is typically 1 month for assessments.
Kaplan & Levitt Psychologists
Murray and Folino
Oakville Psychologists
(905) 337-1895
Pryor, Lindor & Associates
(905) 849-4545
Peak Minds
(416) 560-6910
(905) 634-2347
Shift Cognitive Therapy & Assessment
Storrie, Velikonja & Associates
White Pine Psychology
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