Why choose the Core Skills Program?

The educational system has been dramatically impacted by the pandemic – especially for students with learning disabilities (LDs). Many students with LDs are falling further and further behind and need extensive support. Our Core Skills program is an intensive remediation program using highly skilled educators and proven practices for students with LDs. It is intended to provide extra support it in core skills areas (literacy, numeracy, and social skills) and is designed to be used as a withdrawal support for students in public schools or as a support for homeschoolers. It is not a replacement for school and does not focus on following the expectations outlined in the Ontario Curriculum

Program Description

The Core Skills program focuses on filling the gaps in learning that have been preventing each student from doing well at school. It is an intensive program with the goal of meeting our students where they are, helping them make gains in the areas where they struggle, and empowering them to feel confident and excited about their learning again.

Students will be broken up into small groups, based on age and specific learning needs. Groups will contain 5-6 children and will be taught by highly skilled educators with extensive experience supporting students with learning disabilities. Where appropriate, students may work in smaller groups of 2-3 to allow the educators to focus on each student’s specific needs, or even one-on-one with educators with specialisms in a particular area. Success Plans will be created for each student and expectations will be discussed with parents before the start of the program. This intensive program will run for 2.5 hours each morning, Monday to Friday, and will cover the main areas in which students with LDs struggle: literacy, multi-sensory math, and social skills.

Application Details

Program Start Date

April 26, 2021

Program End Date

June 25, 2021



9:30am – 12pm
Monday to Friday


Rotary Youth Centre


Grades 2-8


COVID-19 Policy

The Learning Disabilities Association of Halton-Hamilton follows and will continue to follow all Public Health guidelines and requirements for the operation of its in-person programs. However, due to the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 and it’s affect on the Halton-Hamilton area, the Learning Disabilities Association of Halton-Hamilton reserves the right to transition all in-person classes to a virtual environment in accordance to any recommendation by Health Canada. When signing up for this program, you agree that in-person classes may be held online when deemed necessary. No refunds will be applicable in the case that classes continue in-person and families choose to withdraw, but applicants will have the choice to withdraw if classes transition to online-based learning.

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